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Thsi belongs in the audio portal my friend im sorry but this is hardly an animation it's just some lyrics scrolling so delete it while you can and re-upload the song in the audio portal instead :)

Honestly... it wasn't bad animated at all considering this is your very first sprite film.
However Sprite fights are greatly overused and just really not my thing actually.
Don't take this the wrong way im sure alot of effort was put into this but i would love to see some more from you non-sprite related :)

Thebest14 responds:

Thanks ill try to see if I can

Awesome :D

lol amazingly similar animation style to ren and stimpy

also my mom told me a similiar joke like this way back kinda of a messed up mother i have i guess xD

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pretty neat

but you should make the score countre more visible i didnt notice it after a long time...

bastagerald responds:

thanks :) but i have yet to figure out how to make an update


wow this is actually great for a first game not bad and i love that there is alot of clothes to choose from...
but still there is just too many dressup games in the portal but hey dont let my comment let you down because you did great :D

amazing game

this game is so refreshing and new here in the portal im impressed that you handpainted every single thing in this game thats awesome...
yhe atmosphere where scary and the deaths where awesome my personal favourite SPOILER**was when momma came out of the door and chooped you to death... cant beat that :D
i beated the game in a matter of 30 minutes i think because i was stuck so i decided to look at the walkthrough which was very helpfull so thank you for that :D.
other than that the game play and the graphics where awesome and i hope to see a sequel someday...

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I really love this.
Would you mind if i used this in my RPG game project?
i'll credit you ofcourse.

Marifax responds:

Feel more than free! Good luck with your project. :)


Daaayum this is stylish!! nice going ;)

great not bad at all

it could have been abit longer but meh what am i saying it was great i like youre anger voice :p

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hey look you can do it!! as i stated earlier you dont have to use filters on things this actually looks much much better than the other apple logo i just reviewed :)

Not to sound like a douche but heres what id suggest.
Stop using Photoshop filters for good, never should you have to use one single filter from Photoshop to make your pictures look good EVER!! :P. but from what this looks like it seems like you just took the apple logo and filter raped it in Photoshop :/ it takes time to perfect your skills in a program like photoshop but using filters shouldnt be the answer :( please dont take this comment the wrong way only trying to help bro :)

Amazing simply amazing!
it's so adorable :D i hope your friend appreciated it :)
also th rust and paint makes it look like something that would be seen in a post apocalyptic world spot on!

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