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2012-03-13 15:55:20 by Painted-Gorilla

This place sure has changed alot...

Total gorilla makeover

2010-09-28 15:01:55 by Painted-Gorilla

take a look at my profile i finally took the time to make 4 pics a sig a avatar an icon and a header so feast your eyes on the pink manliness :)

Happy Madness day!!

2010-09-22 09:31:10 by Painted-Gorilla

Whats up people happy madness day

cant wait to see what you guys will come up with :D

now go kill the clown damnit >:(

Disturbed Asylum

2010-09-03 07:03:04 by Painted-Gorilla

Yeah so i bought the special edition cd yesterday.
And i gotta say its damn diddely awesome :D

my fave song from this album gotta be

My child

so what is your opinions on this new album...

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Whats up newgrounds?

2010-08-21 05:36:10 by Painted-Gorilla

whats up ya'll
watch this friggin twillight

Hi everyone.
Whoever might be interested which i dont think anyone would... im leaving for a little while to take a breather from animating and the community.
But im not leaving my computer all i still have my deviantart which is JoshuaJP
and my email which is
So im really sorry Thebackupcrew because i never really got to finish the flash i promised you but i realised i had no creativity left for you, i owe you my deepest apologies.
So thank you very much everyone for the kind reviews and messages i got or well atleats the few i got :) ill come back someday but now i just need a big "VACATION" if you could say that.

Goodbye everyone :)

The grim art collab

2009-10-31 20:39:06 by Painted-Gorilla

go check out this fine collab from great artists by for exampel Lundsfryd,acedareaper,M-vero and much much more


2009-10-19 14:47:58 by Painted-Gorilla

aaaw how cute... kinda scary though but aaaaaaaaaw...

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seriously wtf is this this is a commercial for TDC
some telephone company in denmark bu this is just fucked up.
its in danish so you wont understand it but its just about this couple. ZfoI

oh yeah P.S.

The worst commercial ever

Doing a madness flash

2009-10-04 16:16:19 by Painted-Gorilla

i just started on a new project with the song "so far away" from the band "crossfade"
temporary BG ill fix it soon oh and about the shading thats just ms paint messing up

Doing a madness flash